Annual Health Checks and Vaccinations

Annual health checks and vaccinations for life for €148

As we all know, vaccinations and annual health checks are important. They help to maintain immunity against painful and potentially fatal diseases as well as helping to prevent the need for costly treatments in the future. Here at Value Vets we know how important it is that we provide exceptional value for money, making quality veterinary care more affordable.

When you vaccinate your cat or dog at Value Vets, you can join our exclusive Vaccination 4 Life programme. Vaccination 4 Life is a life time vaccination plan which, for a total cost of €148, will give your pet free annual boosters and free annual health checks for the rest of his or her life! *

So long as your pet is microchipped, you will be able to protect your pet with annual booster vaccinations and health checks. This means you will not be charged for your pets’ annual booster vaccinations. If however your pet is not microchipped we can microchip him or her at the same time as your annual vaccination for an additional 20. This means your dog or cat will be microchipped and protected with vaccinations for the rest of his or her life for the cost of 168 euro! This can add up to a really big saving!

To take advantage of this offer today, simply book an appointment at Value Vets by ringing the reception on (021) 4555222.

*Terms & Conditions

•   Vaccination 4 Life is applicable to cats and dogs only. The scheme does not include Rabies, Chlamydia, Leukaemia or Bordetella (Kennel Cough). Vaccination 4 Life is not to be used for any animal other than that of the registered pet within the scheme.

•   To qualify for Vaccination 4 Life your pet must be microchipped.

•   The Vaccination 4 Life offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Value Vets offers, unless explicitly stated.

•   If during any stage of the Vaccination 4 Life programme your pet is overdue for one of its scheduled vaccination injection/boosters, according to manufacturers recommendations, it will be necessary to start the initial course of vaccinations again. In this case, the cost of the initial course will have to be paid in full before re-commencing the Vaccination 4 Life programme

•   Vaccination 4 Life is a non-refundable offer

•   Offer does not include surgery

Any further questions? Ring Value Vets on (021) 4555222